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Can metrics cheat?

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

yes and no.

 I constantly see companies use ‘metrics’ with a notion ‘if IT cannot be measured, it cannot be grown”. For example, outsource companies offering help desk services as well as internal service departments close the tickets once a month however, does this mean the IT department is efficient? As another example, we see the security department’s Anti-virus team has detected and processed 10% more virus than last year. Does this mean Information security team is getting more efficient or the AV tool is efficient or the virus strains out there are increasing?

 Metrics without an enterprise objective is useless. Better yet, an organization without KPI and KGI behind the metrics is totally useless.

For example, for the above helpdesk issues, KPI is overall customer satisfaction, KGI is ‘fair to good’ and the metrics without customer satisfaction associated is useless. Similarly the KPI for security example above is hard however the objective is Secure against attacks and goal is prevention.  The above metrics is nicety to have!