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Data center consolidation

Friday, May 8th, 2009

As business evolves through standard growth, mergers or acquisitions, organization could find itself trying to manage and maintain multiple, redundant data centers.

The agenda for Data Center Consolidation (DCC) could be to

  • centralize your systems,
  • Reduce power and cooling costs and protect your environment by implementing comprehensive security
  • business continuity and availability plans.
  • Eliminate IT redundancies
  • Increase IT asset utilization
  • Reduce management and operational costs
  • Achieve greater return on investments

Typically DCC projects is sponsored by core-IT management. DCC projects are run as a program than a project as it involves cross-IT and business owners accross.

Every DCC program has many unique challenges. Hence getting the scope of the DCC should be defined and agreed-upon. Also identifying and obtaining sign-off to what is not done is equally important. A top level presenattion to the management about - Basics (What we do and what we dont do, Strategies followed, High level steps in moving), Process, Budget and time line should be able to help management understand clearly the direction and would help them approve the budget.

Click here to see a presentation of DCC run as a program