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MSP - pain or benefit?

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

MSP - new glorified keyword for ‘outsource vendors’ - Managed Service Providers.

MSP is glorified because, gone are those days where your project/program managers, Business Analysts, DBAs help run the Oracle ERP implementation while the rest of the team are all outsourced engineers.

Today, MSP is about giving an outsource vendor full responsibility of delivery - Design, Develop, Test. You build the requirements & delivery program while your production team will simply inherit the applications built to the your standards and to match the business requirements.

However there are inherent risks with this - Resource risks. People granted access to privileged accounts as part of MSP task needs to be terminated as soon the MSP employees leaves the company - the risk is, your confidential or sensitive data could be put in somebody’s hands who cannot be directly controlled by you. If you add culture difference between the companies and the country where the development is being performed, it is hard to not consider the risk.

However, by developing trust while meeting as frequent as once per week to understand who accesses have to be disabled would help reduce the MSP risk to a minimal.